Populus Trichocarpa Genome Browser

  The Populus Trichocarpa Genome Browser (PtrGB) visualizes comprehensive genomic data of P.trichocarpa, including reference sequence, gene annotation, GC content, heterozygous loci, repeat regions, regulation elements, comparative genomics data and gene expression pattern in diverse plant organs.

  • Visualization System

      •The genomic data are displayed in sequences, elements, variants and numeric values tracks, which are visualized by well-defined symbols, shapes, curves and heatmaps following the common convention of regular genome browsers. Detail information of genes, variants and other genomic features can be displayed by clicking the genomic elements in the tracks.

  • Comparative Genomics

      •The comparative genomics data between P.trichocarpa and 34 other plants are integrated in the PtrGB, including 11 Salicaceae species close to P.trichocarpa, 8 other Malpighiales, 14 Rosales and 1 Celastrales. The similar regions and sequences are displayed in the corresponding tracks.

  • Track Management

      •There are over 100 built-in tracks in the PtrGB. All tracks can be displayed/hided/reordered easily. Users can also add/remove custom tracks of their own data. The tracks can be displayed in normal and compact mode.

  • Navigation

      •The PtrGB provides flexible navigation ways to enable users to view the desired genomic region by specifying the genomic coordinates or gene symbols, as well as dragging and zooming the browsing region.


      •NCBI Blast+ is deployed in the system. User can search nucleotide sequence in P.trichocarpa genome, Salicaceae species, and all plant genomes that integrated in the PtrGB.